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  • International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility ...

    Do corporate social responsibility practices of firms attract prospective employees? Perception of university students from a developing country. This paper primarily explores the relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices (CSRP) of organizations in attracting university students (prospective employees) in developing countries.

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  • Mining and Corporate Social Responsibility in Zambia: A ...

    Zambia. Mining, telecommunications companies, banks and hotels practice CSR initiatives in different forms. Mining has been the biggest revenue earner for Zambia since the colonial era. Since the 1990s, CSR has been taken on by the mining companies in order .

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  • Microsoft Corporate Social Responsibility report

    Microsoft is committed to making our planet a better place. Read and learn more about our corporate social responsibility (or CSR) policies and practices.

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  • White Paper Mapping Mining to the Sustainable .

    White Paper . Mapping Mining . to the Sustainable . Empowered lives. Resilient nations. Development Goals: An Atlas. ... practice, and discussion of ... Mining activities typically cause impacts on land, water, the climate and the flora, fauna and people that depend ...

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  • 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Scotiabank

    2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Scotiabank Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016 1 Digital Transformation ... Scotiabank's annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR) ... and benchmarking of our social responsibility performance and practices.

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    SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES ... In part, this reflects the fact that corporate social responsibility is the preferred ... quarters of large companies in India present themselves as having CSR policies and practices versus only a quarter in Indonesia. Falling somewhere between these two

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Who's Responsible?

    Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR), or the responsibility corporations have for their impact on society and the environment, has become commonplace in business. Virtually every Fortune 1000 company has some type of CSR initiative and policy, and .

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  • Inspiring practices in corporate social responsibility WUR

    Inspiring practices in corporate social responsibility 11 From intention to practice CSR is a very broad concept. It has almost unlimited potential to embrace important issues and to promote work on improvement of the three P's (people, planet and profit). In discussion with your stakeholders, many

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    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been present in the Management and Accounting literature for about 45 years (Wood, 2010). Both organizations and societies have significantly increased their focus on CSR in recent years (Adams and Frost 2006; Gulyás 2009; Young and Thyil 2009).

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  • CSR Report PDF Download | CSR | Brother

    CSR reports of Brother Industries, Ltd. are available in PDF for download. This website is using cookies. By continuing to browse, you are accepting our Terms and Conditions. ... 2013 Brother Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report (available in PDF) CSR Activities. To download entire report [PDF/] (April 1, 2012March 31, 2013)

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  • Exploring corporate social responsibility practice versus ...

    Exploring corporate social responsibility practice versus stakeholder interests in Nordic mining Helena Ranängen, Åsa Lindman PII: S(18)318092 ... This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. As a service to

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  • New Ideas in CSR Good. Celebrated

    Best practices in CSR require ongoing monitoring of the results of the program against one or more indicators of success, including employee engagement, employee loyalty, operating efficiency, community impact of money invested, customer perception and marketplace reputation. Get GoinG Five Ideas to Activate CSR to Drive Brand Engagement

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    Publisher's PDF, also known as Version of record ... Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Predominantly for economic reasons, globally sourcing firms often neglect CSR ... Stakeholders are increasingly pressing the firms to implement CSR practices inside the firms and extend these practices to the upstream supply chains. Implementing such ...

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Smallscale ...

    Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Smallscale Mining on the Copperbelt By John Lungu and ... and Corporate Social Responsibility Practices of smallscale mines in existence, ... Its corporate social responsibility policy is not yet well known. The company is, however, building a ...

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Nigerian ...

    Joseph K. Achua,, David A. Utume, (2015), Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Nigerian Mining Industry: Host Communities' Perspectives, in David Crowther, Muhammad Azizul Islam (ed.) Sustainability After Rio (Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility, Volume 8) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 160

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    arroll (1991) defined corporate social responsibility (CSR) as "an organization's commitment to. operate in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner while recognizing the interests. of all its stakeholders." CSR is also defined as "Corporate initiati ve to assess and take responsibility.

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